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I'm Taylor Good.

Taylor Good.

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I was born and raised in the midwest, became an adult in the pnw, and found roots back in Central Illinois where I currently live. I studied film and digital media in college and have always been passionate about creating meaningful art. I have also always been a nostalgic soul. I believe in the power of preserving memories and connecting with your past, your family history, and the stories that build our lives.

I love netflix binging (just finished Handmaids Tale and I need season four like RIGHT NOW), making Spotify playlists to fit all my various moods, reading my horoscope and totally basing my life off of it, and hanging out with my adorable Saint Bernard dog-daughter, Moe. (She has her very own bedroom, don't worry I am aware I'm a crazy dog mom.)

But, I also really REALLY love taking pictures of people in love.

brb crying over this #babymoe pic

I'm not a regular photographer, I'm a cool photographer...

cool photographer

Actually, spoiler alert, I am not cool because I wear skinny jeans and have a side part. But, I've been told I'm pretty fun to be around - which is important because you and I will be spending A LOT of time together.

Are you ready for some total transparency and honesty? For the longest time I thought I COULDN'T be a wedding photographer. I thought it was too hard, or I was too inexperienced, and about a million other imposter syndrome thoughts. Then I got married.

While I'd love to tell you that I had an amazing wedding photographer who treated us great and we got images that we will cherish forever, that just isn't the way that story went.

However, I will tell you - I do not regret the negative experience we had because it made me realize just how important customer service is (in addition to talent) when it comes to being a wedding vendor, and how underserved couples are when it comes to customer service in the wedding industry. I whole heartedly believe that what I'm doing is a responsibility. You are not my art project, additions to my portfolio, or posts for my instagram feed - you are people, MY people, my clients, and it's my job to be just as invested in your wedding day as you are.

That's the corner stone I built my business on: being there for the people who put their trust in me to be their photographer, being 100% present in the moment, and serving you with love, kindness, and all the skills and talents I've spent years building - because you deserve that level of investment from the vendors you are investing in for your big day.

2021 Travel Schedule

I left my heart in:

Las Vegas, NV > Feb 15-16
Seattle, WA > April 8-12th
Louisville, KY > May
Nashville, TN > June
Salt Lake City, UT > June
Las Vegas, NV > August
Charlotte, NC > September
Salt Lake City, UT > October
Orlando, FL > November

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