The Best Airbnbs in CU for Boudoir!

Boudoir sessions have been gaining popularity for quite a while and now I consistently have wedding clients asking if I offer them. The answer is YES! I love doing boudoir sessions – but what’s a photographer who works FT and doesn’t have her own studio to do? Enter Airbnb!

Check out this air bnb here!

Airbnb has been the best resource to turn to when looking for cool spots to do your boudoir session in! First off – if you don’t know or haven’t done a boudoir session before check out my blog post here to learn more!

The best part about finding a location with Airbnb for your session is that you can choose the vibe you want! There’s a ton of options in the area! Bonus: this list is not only applicable to boudoir session! It also makes for great options for cozy engagement, family, or even senior sessions when the weather is just not ideal! (So like 99% of the time in IL! Haha!)


This MCM Cozy House with a KILLER Sunroom!

Also, there’s an adorable cat – what more could you ask for? BOOK HERE!

This House with the Cutest Living Room

Book HERE!

This Coach House with a Cool Ceiling

You can book this show stopper here!


This Bright White Little Spot

Simple, clean, and plenty of light! Perfect for a session! Book it here!


These Charming Bakery Loft #1 and Bakery Loft #2

Loft #1

When I saw the metal-framed bed in this cute little apartment I knew it HAD to be on this list. SO CUTE! Book it here!

Loft #2

There are so many things I love about this loft but I’m truly a sucker for a pop of color couch and arched doorways! Book this cutie here!


This Collection of MCM spots!

Book The Eureka here.

Book The Edge here.

Book The Loft here.

Book The Attic here.


Hotel del Coronado

This location really delivers which lots of light and a neutral palette of colors. Book the Hotel del Coronado here!

This Colorful Cottage!

Fun pops of color and a cozy vibe. Book this location here!

This Unique Lodge

Book this stay here.


These Historic Houses

Book The White Street Welcome

Book this warm Historic Home

Book Roger Eberts Historic Home

Book this Family-Friendly Spot

This Tiny House with Big Potential

Book this little oasis here.


BONUS: The Moore Building

So this one TECHNICALLY isn’t in CU – it’s in Monticello. But I HAD to include it! The Moore Building is a new wedding venue that used to be an old bank and it is BEAUTIFUL! They also have conveniently located Airbnb rentals upstairs! The rooms are beautiful and perfect for a boudoir shoot! Book The Moore Building here!

February 12, 2021

Taylor Good

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